I-64 Colonial Parkway Bridges

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I-64 Colonial Parkway Bridges

As a distinct fixture in the overall historic Colonial Parkway experience for the last 50 years, VDOT and the National Park Service recognized the importance of maintaining the historic aesthetics of the overpass bridges carrying I-64 over Colonial Parkway once the I-64 Widening Segment III interstate expansion was completed.

Just as the existing bridges were built in the 1960's to mimic the 1930's brickwork of other bridges along Colonial Parkway, special consideration and efforts were made to match the size, color and shape of the bridge brickwork used in construction of the new sections of bridge, as well as in repairing the existing sections. Brick manufacturer and supplier, Calvert Masonry, traveled to the bridge site from Manassas no less than five times to match and perfect the brick colorization and produced approximately 60,000 bricks in the first firing for the job. Custom molds were also utilized to ensure the unique shape of the bricks for the bridge archways.
In order to ensure the safe removal of some existing brickwork and reconstruction of the new brickwork over and directly adjacent to the roadway, a year-long, single-lane closure was in place on Colonial Parkway starting in mid-January 2020. During the closure, traffic was being alternated in each direction using a temporary traffic signal equipped with a video detection system. Removal of the long-term closure has allowed two-way traffic to resume on Colonial Parkway, with traffic no longer being alternated in each direction using a temporary traffic signal.

Photo of Colonial Parkway overpass bridge under construction       Photo of completed Colonial Parkway Overpass Bridges

In the News:

"Colonial Parkway bridges will maintain historic feel after I-64 expansion"
The Virginia Gazette, August 2019

"Expanding I-64 bridges over the Colonial Parkway takes a lot of bricks — about 60,000 to start"
Daily Press, January 2020